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Kevin Brunner

Kevin Brunner is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in financial services. He has a special focus on doctors and business owners, and has spent over 30 years consulting businesses from startups to turnarounds. His philosophy is that retirement is about income, not assets, because not all assets return the same income.

Kevin was featured as an advisor in Forbes magazine in 2015 and leads a team of professionals, CPAs, and attorneys trained in the principles and strategies of retirement income planning, business planning, wealth preservation, and asset protection.

His goal is to share the blessings he's received, including amazing experiences from visiting 47 countries and counting, learning from tremendous mentors in life and business, and the generosity he's experienced. He was born an orphan, adopted by a loving and generous family, and feels blessed with more than he deserves. He prays to live long enough to give back even a portion of what he has received.

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